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Regional Consultation in Bahrain - Towards Sustainable Energy: Resources, Challenges and Opportunities

Energy is today at the core of economic, environmental and developmental concerns across the world. Current energy systems are inadequate to meet the needs of a growing global population, and developing countries in particular are in need of expanding access to reliable and efficient energy services if they are to reduce poverty and improve the health of their citizens, as well as promote economic productivity, competitiveness and growth. Across the world and in the Arab region, there is a growing interest in tackling energy production and access in a way that both meets increasing demand without jeopardizing the goals of sustainable development, which include adaptation to and the mitigation of climate change.

The final of the three consultative meetings for the Arab Climate Resilience Initiative, held in Manama, Bahrain on the 6-7 of October, 2010 in partnership with the Arabian Gulf University sought to tackle these concerns and focused around "Sustainable Energy: Resources, Challenges and Opportunities". The meeting was attended by nearly 100 participants from a range of universities, ministries, energy research institutes, international agencies dealing with energy policy, private sector stakeholders, as well as representatives of civil society and members of the media. Over two days, five panels of speakers and discussions focused around:

- The main challenges to energy provision and access across the region.
- Methods of increasing energy efficiency both infrastructurally and through public policy tools .
- The development, implementation and distribution of renewable energy technologies (i.e. solar power, wind power, solar desalination, etc).
- Harnessing financial mechanisms to support great energy efficiency and the use of renewables.
- Building knowledge and technology transfer and collaboration around energy innovation across the region.

For further details on the findings of this consultation, please see “The Arab Climate Resilience Initiative: Towards a Unified Response”.



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